In the Engine Room bibliography

The poems in the collection In the Engine Room with Bettie & Andrea Reading Pornography (book published Dec 31, 2021) were previously published in the following journals, often in slightly different form:

Angry Old Man #2, January 2018: “In the Engine Room with Bettie & Andrea”

Angry Old Man #4, July 2018: “IOU-topia,” “On the House,” “Supreme Facts,” “The Sparkle of a Golden Nose”

BlazeVOX #19, Spring 2019: “Reporting from Oz”

Clockwise Cat #35, October 2016:  “Egg Raid on Midtown,” “Just to Be a Hobo”

Clockwise Cat #38, “Klox and Katz Ink Issue,” November 2017: “128 Words for Lies”

Curly Mind #8, March 2018: “A Dose of Applause,” “The Hold Up,” “My Turn to Shine,” “Reinforcement Labels,” “Some When”

Empty Mirror, December 5, 2017: “Le Coup,” “Prisoners of More,” “Soup du Jour (Election Year),” “Swimmers on 20th Street,” “Travel to Cashback”

Experiential-Experimental-Literature, February 17, 2017: “The Golden Touch”

Experiential-Experimental-Literature, April 9, 2017: “Forensick Recovery (Ring in the News)”

Experiential-Experimental-Literature, May 8, 2017: “Trapped by the Pyramid”

Experiential-Experimental-Literature, December 22, 2017: “All You Can Eat,” “Remember the Meme,” “Second Comings”

Five:2:One, December 12, 2018: “After the Guillotine” (with video)

Full of Crow 2.0, April 2016: “Coming to Ground at an Oblique Angle,” “Dwarfed by the Sun,” “The Layoff,” “The Scales Vs. the Serpent, or, a Sea Serpent Means Everything to Me,” “Time Release Discovery of Need”

Futures Trading, Vol 5, No 1, May 2017: “Excuse from Another Dimension”

Gold Wake Live #1, August 2017: “Hello Boys,” “Platypus on Mars,” “Unemployed Nematodes Keep It Real”

In Between Hangovers, April 7, 2017: “Hard/Easy”

Indiana Voice Journal #35, June 2017: “Caged Blue”

Mad Swirl, April 4, 2017: “Windfall Field Day”

Otoliths #41, Southern Autumn 2016 (May 3, 2016): “A Blind Dog Leading the Blind,” “Contract Expiry”

Otoliths #42, Southern Winter 2016 (July 9, 2016): “Code Within the Code,” “The Dark Night,” “The Eggshell Skull Rule”

Otoliths #43, Southern Spring 2016 (October 30, 2016): “Checklist for the Next Whatever,” “Seasons of Flight,” “Springtime Effigies”

Otoliths #44, Southern Summer 2017 (January 31, 2017): “Barcode Traps,” “Reaching for Mars with the Wrong End of the Stick,” “Your Ad Here”

Resistance Poetry Wall, December, 3, 2016: “Soup du Jour (Election Year)”

River River #5, Spring 2017: “Modern (American) Lifeline”

Le Scat Noir #228, October 2017: “Whistling on a Wire”

Streetcake #50, December 30, 2016: “The Light Becomes the Tunnel”

Streetcake #52, April 23, 2017: “Rock Remains Rock”       

Streetcake #55, December 20, 2017: “Marginal Utility”

Synchronized Chaos, July 1, 2018: “My Hand Is Big (Supersized Me)”

Thirteen Myna Birds, June 9, 2018: “Ass Splatter at the Beach”

Zombie Logic Review, April 2, 2016: “Covenant of the Golden Idol,” “Customer Service,” “Justice in the City,” “Wardrobe Malfunction on a Foggy Bottom Stage,” “Willow Oak Daydream (Acorn Porn)”

Zombie Logic Review, May 30, 2017: “Malignant Tumor Speaks from the Brig (or, Eating from the Same Trough),” “Shit on a Stick Corporation,” “Viral Load”

Zoomoozophone Review #11, October 2016: “Ampersand Abracadabra,” “A Nickel in the Sun”