Lit Rag Roulette

Poems in Indiana Voice Journal and Your One Phone Call


atlantic sound-ivj

Two journals released some of my poems today. Indiana Voice Journal published “Atlantic Sound” and “Come Another Sun.” You can read them here.

Your One Phone Call published “Ouija on the Rag,” of of a growing series of pieces revolving around the character Ouija. You can read this one here.

phone call-ouija rag

“Swimmers on 20th Street” and 4 other poems in Empty Mirror

swimmers-empty mirror

Empty Mirror is a great online literary journal that features reviews and articles on Beat literature along with contemporary textual and visual poetry. Today, the magazine published five of my poems: “Swimmers on 20th Street,” “Travel to Cashback,” “Le Coup,” “Prisoners of More,” and “Soup de Jour (Election Year).” You can read them here.

A few notes on these. “Le Coup” is loosely based on the documentary film Man on Wire, about Philippe Petit’s successful covert operation to connect a tightrope wire between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and then walk across it. Although “Soup de Jour” was written years before the current president was even a candidate, it seemed pertinent enough that I posted it to the 100 Thousand Poets Resistance Poetry wall. On that blog, it was formatted without the spacing. This is its first public appearance with line indents as intended.

Le Scat Noir Encyclopedia


As a contributor, I’m pleased to announce that the latest issue of Le Scat Noir literary journal happens to be a weird and wonderful encyclopedia! This tome contains “entries from Acrostic to Zwine, and features contributors from around the world…Discover rare factoids, flash fiction, nubile moon spew, mythological arcana, cabalistic pathogens, pataphysical detritus, scatological schemata, crypto-heuristic scripture, and radical homomorphism. Over 100 pages of profusely illustrated weirdness.” It’s available only in paperback from Amazon. You can check it out and buy a copy here.

All my contributions come from a short text I called the “Space Word Book.” I lost track of how many entries from my work ended up in the Scat Noir book, but it includes pieces on “Earth,” “International Control Board,” “heatshield,” and “interstellar space.” These articles stand alongside those on Alphonse Allais, fart bear, ouija scramble, phubbing and reducing windows. Some entries are funny, some are weird, and some are deadly serious. It’s an exploration of the hinterlands of human knowledge that should prove edifying to anyone.

“128 Words for Lies” in Clockwise Cat


The “Klox and Katz Ink” issue of Clockwise Cat, number 38, was released sometime last week. I just learned it was available on Yumpu. A freewheeling literary magazine featuring leftist rants, pictures of street art murals, and a big poetry selection, Clockwise Cat #38 also includes my poem “128 Words for Lies” spread across pages 65-66. You can read the issue here.

Clockwise Cat #38

Flashback: One poem in Shattered Wig Review

img_1954That time I (finally) got a poem published in Baltimore’s Shattered Wig Review, a journal based out of Normal’s Bookstore (at the time), landing in Issue #17. “Folie a Deux” was one of my best pieces, IMHO. The whole issue is over the top with collages, pieces by Blaster Al Ackerman (fiction and art, plus photos of the man himself!), Batworth, Mok Hosfeld, John Bennett, and editor Rupert Wondolowski, as well as “Pretty Beaver” cartoons by my friends Mary Knott and Beppi, among lots of other wild stuff. No date on the rag, but this was definitely circa 1996.