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Amazon sale on Savage Night and Other Stories

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Goofing around on Amazon today, I noticed they are offering copies of my book Savage Night and Other Stories for only $4.41. That’s a huge discount on the $19.99 list price! What a great opportunity to grab a copy if you’re interested. Check it out here.

This book collects a bunch of my early experimental science fiction stories alongside my early science fiction novel Savage Night, which uses the Ancient Egyptian myth of crossing the Land of the Dead to describe a journey into the self. Thematically, everything here seems to follow the classic sex or death duality, often at the same time.

Not sure how many they have at this price. I would buy them all, but I still have a couple big boxes of them from the last time I saw the price drop. After my royalty payment, I got copies for a buck each.

Although the back cover synopsis is available on the listing, here it is anyway:

Two books in one this collection includes a short novel Savage Night and a group of stories exploring similar themes of death control self actualization and the conflict between the socialized self and the True or inner self. In Savage Night, Jean Savage is a crew member on an industrial ship forced to land on a desolate planet so its parent corporation can form an alliance with the ultimate enforcers of control the serpent headed demons of the Duat, a nocturnal underworld the Ancient Egyptians visualized in their funereal text The Book of Coming into Day. Not content to own the bodies of its employees, the RA corporation wants to exploit their souls as well In the Duat there are no enemies of RA. Not anymore. Fighting a guerilla war using sex magic rituals and protective spells, Jean struggles against the corporation and its demon allies to keep her true self alive until the dawn that brings escape. But her biggest challenge is finding her own soul her True Self ,which has been lost in layers of social psychological and corporate control.

“Other Stories” features two early Jean Savage texts exploring similar themes in different contexts where she is a juvenile delinquent struggling against the hostile influences of family and society. There are also stories involving killer clowns spreading a bizarre sex virus, pirates seeking immortality in deep space, a trio of eco terrorist mermaids, and the gingerbread man as a computer hacker. Using black humor, social satire, violent eroticism, science fiction motifs, and experimental narrative structures, these compelling yarns perform themselves in the cinema of the mind s eye.

“The Nature of Crime” in The Five-Two

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.15.43 AMThe Five-Two is an online journal focusing exclusively on “crime poetry,” that is, poems about crime in some form or another. A different poem is featured each week. I’m pleased to say that starting today, my poem “The Nature of Crime” is this week’s featured poem. The journal also includes a couple bonuses for its poems: a “confession” by the writer about the inspiration for the work, and a reading of the poem in question. So you can also read my confession and hear me read the piece. It’s all here.

New videos posted: “Fire Dance,” “Forbidden” and “Jitterbug Apocalypse”

This week, I finished editing three short videos and posted them to my Bionic Eyes YouTube channel. Click the still images for links.

“Fire Dance”–Psychedelic post-paganism with intense rhythm and noise soundtrack.

“Jitterbug Apocalypse”–Party like it’s 1929! Blinding candy-colored swing revival and wild hunt. Video poem text: “Wherever there are ruins/time like flames/dances across lives.”

“Forbidden”–Erasing gender with heavy, kaleidoscopic distortion and glitch effects. Soundtrack is kind of my homage to Cluster. Video poem text: “This erasure/sets me free/o break once again the bonds of self.”

“Windfall Field Day” in Mad Swirl

Today my poem Windfall Field Day appeared in Mad Swirl‘s Poetry Forum. You can view it here…at least until it is pushed off the page.

Just as a note, this piece originally involved some rather complicated line spacing, creating a sculpted look that’s intended to direct the reading of the words, and add to their meaning. But I guess this is one of those blogs that can’t reproduce complex indents and spacing.

“Ouija’s Revenge” in Your One Phone Call

Poetry blog Your One Phone Call posted my poem “Ouija’s Revenge” today. You can check it out here.

Like its sister publication In Between Hangovers, YOPC is one of my favorite poetry rags at the moment. Underground, “anti-academic” and pretty wild in flavor. Lots of stuff for people who don’t like poetry to enjoy.

This is one of a series of poems I wrote about a character named Ouija, kind of an actual Ouija board that has a life and character of its own. And its one of many written in my “surrealist rant” style.

Work published in Empty Mirror, In Between Hangovers

More work hitting the Internet this week. Empty Mirror published four poems, “A lost message of kings,” This Ancient Night,” “Breaking the Gold Mask,” and “New Bronze Age.” You can read them here. These are some of my most recent pieces, all written on the theme of lost civilizations, and the first of that new batch to see publication. Under the current regime here in the U.S., it seemed important to deal with the fragility of cultures, languages, and nations.

An online journal, Empty Mirror starts with a focus on Beat Generation literature and arts, moving on from there to explore similar tendencies in the contemporary scene.

Poetry blog In Between Hangovers also published one of my pieces today, “Zodiac of the Damned.” You can read it here. They only have one other poem in the queue, then I’ll have to ship them out some more.

Lots of new stuff coming up through Spring and Summer in Chiron Review, Clockwise Cat, H&, and Otoliths.

One poem in Your One Phone Call

On New Year’s Day, literary zine Your One Phone Call accepted three of my poems, to be published in March. Today, the first one appeared on the site, “Heroes Fly for Free.” You can read it here. The photo they used one of a series of stills taken from a video self-portrait I made. You might notice that the flying saucer is a little closer to crashing into the US Capitol dome in this one.

The other two poems should be released later this month. Naturally, I’ll have posts about those when it happens.

Another fine WordPress publication, Your One Phone Call is affiliated with In Between Hangovers. I sent YOPC five poems and they took three, passing the remainder to IBH. Thanks to complications on the WordPress platform, neither journal could use the first batches of poems I sent, which used considerable indenting for visual appeal and to add to the meaning and rhythm of the words. WordPress doesn’t “do” indenting, as many users probably discover too late (like I did). Because I have poems of all different varieties around here, I just sent them some stuff without the pesky indents. Happily, they were able to accept that work, which is why I’m writing this post.