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Flashback: “The Real Revolution” in Flipside


That time my poem “The Real Revolution” appeared in Flipside #85, from July/Aug 1993. When their poetry editor Pooch accepted it, he said he liked it because he wasn’t into Bikini Kill.

I’ve always thought they were a great band, and theirĀ  concert in a park near the Capitol in DC was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Kathleen Hanna was looking pretty good in a tight t-shirt and a black miniskirt, but as a married man and a feminist, I wasn’t there to watch cute girls, just to see a great band play great music. There’s no denying that sexuality was part of their presentation. But what if (male) audiences rejected sexual posturing and just viewed people as people, regardless of gender?


Flashback: One poem in Flipside


That time my poem “Alicia” appeared in Flipside #81, from Nov/Dec 1992. This piece is a true story based on a coworker when I worked at the American Psychological Association as an abstractor for their academic database. One of the nicest people I met there, Alicia endured the regular stream of attention rather graciously.

For those who never saw it, LA-based Flipside was a massive newsprint fanzine that chronicled underground music and culture. They ran two pages of poetry during the 90’s era when I was subscribing and submitting work to them.