“Bleeding in the Cracks” in Slipstream; print issue 38 out now


Slipstream literary magazine’s print version for Issue #38, the one with the Water Theme, has been released and is ready for purchase from their website. I know this, because my contributor’s copy arrived in the mail last week. This issue contains one of my poems, “Bleeding in the Cracks.” Very exciting to see my work in an actual printed journal, a real rarity these days. Slipstream exclusively releases printed copies.

You can read more samples from #38, view the list of contributing authors, and order copies from this webpage.


“Rabbit Makes His Living” in EZ P-Zine


EZ P-Zine Issue #4 was recently released; the theme is “resolve,” and covers “closure, epiphanies, personal solutions, contentment, and new paths.” My poem “Rabbit Makes His Living” is included; it’s one of a few pieces following the rabbit character in his mischievous antics. You can check out EZ P-Zine in a number of formats, both print and digital. You could order from the Pyre Publishing website, or using the links on the Goodreads page. A print copy costs $5, while the digital version is free. You decide!

Here’s a taste of my piece below; the full version is in the zine.


Slipstream #38 out now


Slipstream literary magazine just released Issue #38, the Water themed issue. It includes one of my poems–alongside a large roster listed in the notice above. This is a print-only magazine, so an issue costs $10–but it is a major outpost of “outlaw” poetry (for lack of a better term). You can check out some sample pieces and place an order here.

Waiting for my author copies to arrive, at which point, more on this publication.

“This Drifting Into Air, Alive,” and 3 other poems in Outlaw Poetry

This drifting-outlaw-poetry

Online journal Outlaw Poetry is something of an encyclopedia for what it says on the tin: outlaw poetry in all forms. Today four of my poems appeared in the journal: “This Drifting Into Air, Alive,” “Winnemucca, Nevada, 9 a.m.,” “Summer Movie,” and “Get Off the Stick and Rest.” You can read them here.

Flashback: Christmas poetry jam at 15 Minutes club


That time I read at the Christmas Poetry Jam at 15 Minutes club in DC on December 27, 1993. Looks like Silvanna Straw, Edgar Silex, and John Potash were also featured readers. And some guy named “Jeff Bogato,” which is actually me when people can’t spell my last name. Then there was an open mike, poetry games and a special guest. Of course, I don’t remember any of this, so it’s a good thing I saved these Washington City Paper advertisements.