3 Gonch poems in Zoomoozophone Review


Very pleased to announce the latest Zoomoozophone Review has been released today. This is issue 16 of the experimental poetry journal, including great text and visual work from a host of familiar “scene” figures: Mark Young, Sanjeev Sethi, Clara B. Jones, billy bob beamer, Heath Brougher, Stephanie McElrath, and Xan Schwartz, among others. There are also three of my Gonch poems: “Hoc Analla Hoc,” “Allonach Gonchon Canca Gohl,” and “Achanalla Chaanlang.”

You can check out the whole issue here.


All the Gonch pieces were written using a vocabulary limited to words invented from the nonsense phrase “All Gonch.” It’s an attempt to create a new language, imagining also the culture behind it through the shape and structure of the words, that might arise after the death of the current (American) culture and language.


Gonch poems and images in Angry Old Man journal

Gonchlog-pic-aomThe third issue of Angry Old Man journal was issued yesterday, this one including work from two phases of my Gonch project in a special section. This includes Gonch text poems based on a vocabulary improvised from the phrase “All Gonch,” as well as images of the word “Gonch” spelled out ransom-note style in letters cut out from consumer magazines.

From my note to editor Drew David: “I go through consumer magazines and cut out the five letters of “gonch” and glue them onto accounting paper. The intention is to draw out that key nonsense word from these propaganda vehicles in order to find the way forward. Or something like that. I’ve done about 200 of these images so far; the ones here are the first six that I did.”


Definitely check this issue out. Angry Old Man looks to be one of those journals of record for the contemporary avant garde scene, much like Otoliths. Not to be missed.

“Crushed Bits” video in Gnarled Oak


Today, my video poem “Crushed Bits” appeared in online poetry journal Gnarled Oak. This journal focused on shorter works. You can see the publication page here.

The text of the video comes from one of my “Civilization’s Lost” poems, “Cold Fortress.” The imagery is taken from a World War II documentary. I was trying to make a connection with the socio-political events of the present day, but it’s up to the viewer to decide the success of that.

“Hell Comes Down Like a Train” and 2 other poems in Unlikely Stories


Very pleased to return to online poetry journal Unlikely Stories with three poems: “Another Golden Child,” “Hell Comes Down Like a Train,” and “When You’re Hooked in the Night, Forget About Me.” You can read them here.

All three pieces involve some sort of social commentary. “Another Golden Child” deals with the influence of wealth over average lives. “Hell Comes Down” includes words actually spoken to me by a former boss. “When You’re Hooked” describes a real experience meeting a homeless guy on the DC street one night while on the way to a jazz concert curated by Transparent Productions–possibly Ellery Eskelin’s group at the old Food for Thought in Dupont Circle. I probably would have given the guy my money, but I only had a bag full of quarters to pay for my admission, and I didn’t think the guy would appreciate all the change.

Futures Trading Anthology Five released


An online journal of experimental poetry, Futures Trading compiles its issues into print anthologies. The fifth book was just released as an on-demand paperback, available via Amazon. It’s something of a who’s who of the international experimental poetry “scene,” including work by Mark Young, Volodymyr Bilyk, Eileen Tabios, Mark Cunnngham, Sanjeev Sethi, and many others. I’m pleased to be included with four poems from four different online issues.

“A Spell Through Time” published in Midnight Lane Boutique


Today online literary journal Midnight Lane Boutique published my poem “A Spell Through Time.” This piece is one of the texts from the Doom Pussy series, intended as a kind of incantation from the character herself. In the stories, Doom Pussy is a Kali-esque figure engaged in a total war against a destructive enemy: mankind as a virus.

Be aware that this piece features extreme language.

You can read it here.

There’s also a link to the Doom Pussy story published in Gobbet.

SF story “Ceramic Eyes” published in Danse Macabre


Danse Macabre issue 114, aka “Venusberg” was released last night. It includes my short story “Ceramic Eyes,” mostly science fiction with some weird horror elements. In it, a young woman investigating missing cats finds–and loses–much more than she expected.

You can read it here.


“Don’t Mess with Ouija” published in Your One Phone Call


Poetry blog Your One Phone Call published one of my Ouija poems today, “Don’t Mess with Ouija.” You can read it here.

This is one of a series of pieces featuring a character named Ouija who may or may not be an actual ouija planchette. Your One Phone Call has published three others in the series.