Night Garden Journal Autumn 2017 anthology published


An online poetry journal focusing on dark and atmospheric work, Night Garden Journal has started compiling its offerings into quarterly anthologies. The Autumn 2017 Issue has just been released on Lulu. The cost is $5.99; you can probably get a coupon from Lulu to knock a percentage off that. You can buy the book here.

Two of my poems are included, “Future Dragons” and “Shattered Maps.”

Print version of Angry Old Man #3 released


Angry Old Man is an online journal of experimental writing and art. Editor Drew B. David recently announced the release of the print version of Issue #3 in two volumes available through Lulu. Both the online and print versions are chock full of cutting edge writing and visuals in a dense mix reminiscent of Otoliths journal. Well worth checking out. The contents for each volume is listed below. Three of my Gonch poems and a selection of Gonchlog visuals is included in Volume 2.

The price of these volumes is rather high, but I believe they have full color images. You can also catch good sales via Lulu that knock of a decent percentage of the price. The online archive of the issue also remains available.

 Angry Old Man #3 print issue contents:


Fabio Sassi|, Frank Roger, Roberto Scala, Nichola Orlick, Dai Coelacanth, Fátima Queiroz, D.S. West, Mark Young, Michelangelo Mayo, Daniel Virgilio, Mauro Ceesari, Daniel De Culla, James Fowler, Blaize Dicus, John M. Bennett, Michael Tussler, Heath Brougher, Bob Katrin, Josh T. Jordan, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Robert Beveridge, Joel Chace, Joe Balaz,Douglas Jones,L. Friedman, Dale Jensen,Logan K. Young, Mark Young and Lance Mason.


Rik.Vile Plumage, Meena Sediqi, Thomas M. Cassidy, John M. Bennett, RCBz, David Baptiste Chirot, Jack Williams, R. Keith, Laura Ortiz, Bill DiMichele,Jeff Bagato, Michael Basinski, Mike Ferguson, Mike Maggio, Michael Mallen, John Jeffire, Dan Sicoli, Michael Estabrook, Steve Dalachinsky, Jim Leftwich, Howie Good, Jeff Crouch, David Koehn and Sacha Archer.


“Ouija Makes a Mark” and two other poems published in Ygdrasil

ygdrasil june 2018

The June 2018 issue of Ygdrasil was released yesterday on the 14th, including poems by Robin Wyatt Dunn, Mark Young, Darren Demarree, and many others. Three of my poems are included: “Ouija Makes a Mark,” “The Flight Plan’s On Fire!” and “Perfect Weather.” You can read them and the whole issue here.

The Ouija piece is one of a growing series featuring the Ouija board as a character in various metalinguistic situations. “Flight Plan” is yet another attempt to process the current US regime in some creative way. The last piece is more abstract.


Two Gonch poems published in Avant Appal(achia)


Issue 5 of online experimental journal Avant Appal[achia] went live today, featuring text and visuals. Among those are two of my Gonch poems, “Chaana Chaana” and “Hacan Laachnaggo.” You can check out the pieces here for a short time; eventually, the issue will be archived with only one representative piece from each genre. Not sure if Gonch will make that cut.

This is more work featuring words improvised from the letters in the phrase “All Gonch” in an effort to explore a potential future language that might arise after the decline of American English. No need to look too far for a meaning to “Gonch;” it’s just a nonsense word I made up when I was a kid.


Flashback: Populous Pudding poetry reading, 1989


That time I did a group reading at Populous Pudding in Willimantic, CT. I don’t remember this event very well. Judging by a letter I got back then from Charlie Krich (who organized poetry events at the space), he invited me to do an earlier reading on November 4, 1988. I only recall one reading I did there when people laughed at a line in one of my poems about “frying bologna.” But I don’t know which show that was.

Populous Pudding was a short lived DIY space that hosted art shows, poetry readings, and punk concerts. The music took place in the back of the space, said to be an old fur vault. It had a serious metal door on it with a wheel crank, like something you’d see in a bank. I saw some of the best shows there: Laughing Hyenas, Crystalized Movements, Fire Party, Fidelity Jones, Woodchipper and Bimbo Shrineheads. Since I was actually in grad school at UConn in neighboring Storrs, I didn’t get over there as much as I would have liked to.

“Ass Splatter at the Beach” and “Debugging the Popular Wisdom” published at Thirteen Myna Birds


Online poetry blog Thirteen Myna Birds has an unusual format, presenting a flock of thirteen poems or visuals at a time, etherizing them from the site when the next flock lands. The June flock was published today, including two of my poems: “Ass Splatter at the Beach” and “Debugging the Popular Wisdom.” You can read them here–but do it soon, as they may be gone in a month or so.

“Watermelon Void” and “A Little Vanity in Everyone” published in Sheila-Na-Gig online


The new issue of Sheila-Na-Gig online poetry journal (Vol 2.4, Summer 2018) was released today. This one contains a special section of poets who are also editors of literary journals–which seems a pretty nice way to scope out future submissions. LOL

Anyway, this issue includes two of my poems, “Watermelon Void” and “A Little Vanity in Everyone.” The first meditates on the joys of summer that mask the pains, and the second, uh, seems to be about the queen of the squirrels. You can read them here.