Four poems in In Between Hangovers

Just got word that poetry blog In Between Hangovers accepted four of my poems for publication. “Radio Free USA” went live today (12/23/16). The others will be published at roughly three week intervals: “Hard/Easy,” “Marketing Zero,” and “Zodiac of the Damned.” This journal seems to share my more playful sense of avant garde aesthetics, so I’m super happy to be included.

A note on submission persistence: the first batch I sent got sent back because of the heavy indenting; In Between Hangovers is another fine WordPress blog, and the platform does not reproduce indents. It’s a peculiar glitch to WordPress, which I’m not sure is present in other blogging platforms. Anyway, I immediately rounded up a batch of poems that did not rely on the implied sense of movement and performance that comes with line spacing. Never give up.

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