One poem in Your One Phone Call

On New Year’s Day, literary zine Your One Phone Call accepted three of my poems, to be published in March. Today, the first one appeared on the site, “Heroes Fly for Free.” You can read it here. The photo they used one of a series of stills taken from a video self-portrait I made. You might notice that the flying saucer is a little closer to crashing into the US Capitol dome in this one.

The other two poems should be released later this month. Naturally, I’ll have posts about those when it happens.

Another fine WordPress publication, Your One Phone Call is affiliated with In Between Hangovers. I sent YOPC five poems and they took three, passing the remainder to IBH. Thanks to complications on the WordPress platform, neither journal could use the first batches of poems I sent, which used considerable indenting for visual appeal and to add to the meaning and rhythm of the words. WordPress doesn’t “do” indenting, as many users probably discover too late (like I did). Because I have poems of all different varieties around here, I just sent them some stuff without the pesky indents. Happily, they were able to accept that work, which is why I’m writing this post.

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