Work published in Empty Mirror, In Between Hangovers

More work hitting the Internet this week. Empty Mirror published four poems, “A lost message of kings,” This Ancient Night,” “Breaking the Gold Mask,” and “New Bronze Age.” You can read them here. These are some of my most recent pieces, all written on the theme of lost civilizations, and the first of that new batch to see publication. Under the current regime here in the U.S., it seemed important to deal with the fragility of cultures, languages, and nations.

An online journal, Empty Mirror starts with a focus on Beat Generation literature and arts, moving on from there to explore similar tendencies in the contemporary scene.

Poetry blog In Between Hangovers also published one of my pieces today, “Zodiac of the Damned.” You can read it here. They only have one other poem in the queue, then I’ll have to ship them out some more.

Lots of new stuff coming up through Spring and Summer in Chiron Review, Clockwise Cat, H&, and Otoliths.

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