“One a Day Rides Again” and four other poems in Synchronized Chaos


I just learned that online literary magazine Synchronized Chaos published its September issue on the first of the month; its theme is “Peace and belonging.” The issue includes five of my poems: “One a Day Rides Again,” “Acapulco Beach Down Midnight,” “Let God Alabama,” “Noman on the Run,” and “Thunderbird Has Landed.” You can read them here.

In her introductory comments, Executive Editor Christina Deptula wrote, “This month’s contributors write about peace and belonging – their hopes for these things, where they can find them and where they don’t.” She then notes how each contributor’s work fits that theme. About my pieces, she said, “Jeff Bagato’s poetic speakers belong where they are, immersed in their environments in these rich, atmospheric pieces.” It’s always interesting to read someone else’s impression of my work. In a way, it’s nice to have some explanation of what it’s all about! LOL


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