“First Day On” and two other poems published in Chiron Review


The Summer 2017 issue of Chiron Review is finally out (#108), with a load of tough, straight-talking poetry from writers like Gerald Locklin, Lyn Lifshin, and Marge Piercy among a huge assortment of other folks. I’m pleased to say that three of my poems made it into this issue: “First Day On,” “Hit the Shoes,” and “Tonight’s Window.”

This is a print-only issue, so interested parties will need to purchase one from the Chiron Review website.

“Hit the Shoes” is particularly notable for me, as it loosely transcribes one of my Dad’s rants in a New Jersey hotel room after helping my sister and her now ex-husband move out of their apartment. Naturally, I didn’t attempt to record this blast until later, but I think I captured the essence.


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