Make America GONCH Again, Part II

Ancholl Lo Gancaha Aga Log

Nagano hocnall anca glonogan
allnan nach hallaanach
collo logon hach lac lonchal
la callag gac gan lalla lohallach
gaan ochalla chongach och nohl
lonch galla ogonac allachalla
nollach ogo ancho ach nallach
ach ach lalang nocagga oncal
gang halh anoll chon chog
gaagan nalloy hallacha allonga
anchall lo gancha aga lognal
lonch lach gahn gonnal hachan
ogonac ocna nachna lo chalaag
hag nonch gallog gall ang lonoc
agalla lon hach onag oogacal
haggallah halla acha clach
nag olla han caag lonnacallo
ollach anaag hallach holca
gan hallach gang gonga gaanacha
hoch callag nach golocho
hoog hanallach anca ganga
galla galla gon gancha aga olhan


Here’s another example in the Gonch series of poems. These text pieces are written using a vocabulary limited to words invented from the nonsense phrase “All Gonch.” It’s an attempt to create a new language, imagining also the culture behind it through the shape, sounds and structure of the words, that might arise after the death of the current (American) culture and language. The composition proceeds intuitively, going for sounds and structures that seem poetic, even if they don’t carry semantic meaning to a non-Gonch reader.

Lots of these pending in journals for the Spring in an all-out Gonch assault on language and logic. Stay tuned.

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