“Hell Comes Down Like a Train” and 2 other poems in Unlikely Stories


Very pleased to return to online poetry journal Unlikely Stories with three poems: “Another Golden Child,” “Hell Comes Down Like a Train,” and “When You’re Hooked in the Night, Forget About Me.” You can read them here.

All three pieces involve some sort of social commentary. “Another Golden Child” deals with the influence of wealth over average lives. “Hell Comes Down” includes words actually spoken to me by a former boss. “When You’re Hooked” describes a real experience meeting a homeless guy on the DC street one night while on the way to a jazz concert curated by Transparent Productions–possibly Ellery Eskelin’s group at the old Food for Thought in Dupont Circle. I probably would have given the guy my money, but I only had a bag full of quarters to pay for my admission, and I didn’t think the guy would appreciate all the change.

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