3 Gonch poems in Zoomoozophone Review


Very pleased to announce the latest Zoomoozophone Review has been released today. This is issue 16 of the experimental poetry journal, including great text and visual work from a host of familiar “scene” figures: Mark Young, Sanjeev Sethi, Clara B. Jones, billy bob beamer, Heath Brougher, Stephanie McElrath, and Xan Schwartz, among others. There are also three of my Gonch poems: “Hoc Analla Hoc,” “Allonach Gonchon Canca Gohl,” and “Achanalla Chaanlang.”

You can check out the whole issue here.


All the Gonch pieces were written using a vocabulary limited to words invented from the nonsense phrase “All Gonch.” It’s an attempt to create a new language, imagining also the culture behind it through the shape and structure of the words, that might arise after the death of the current (American) culture and language.


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