Gonch poems and images in Angry Old Man journal

Gonchlog-pic-aomThe third issue of Angry Old Man journal was issued yesterday, this one including work from two phases of my Gonch project in a special section. This includes three Gonch text poems based on a vocabulary improvised from the phrase “All Gonch,” as well as images of the word “Gonch” spelled out ransom-note style in letters cut out from consumer magazines.  The texts are “Gallonchan, Anc Nochal,” “Anch Angollach, Llanach Ang Ganallah,” “Ganchanallach Anchon Naalano.” You can read them here.

From my note to editor Drew David: “I go through consumer magazines and cut out the five letters of “gonch” and glue them onto accounting paper. The intention is to draw out that key nonsense word from these propaganda vehicles in order to find the way forward. Or something like that. I’ve done about 200 of these images so far; the ones here are the first six that I did.”


Definitely check this issue out. Angry Old Man looks to be one of those journals of record for the contemporary avant garde scene, much like Otoliths. Not to be missed.

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