“Taking Home the Pictures” and two other poems in Anti-Heroin Chic


Very pleased to report that online journal Anti-Heroin Chic published three of my poems today: “Taking Home the Pictures,” “Ouija Gets Bent,” and “Sorry No Obi.” You can read them here.

The lead poem comes from a cross country road trip back in the 90s with two of my best friends. I believe we were in El Paso when the TV showed footage of OJ Simpson escaping police in Los Angeles. For some reason that seemed kind of funny, but a couple weeks in a Metro Geo will do that to you.

The Ouija piece is another of that series featuring the eponymous planchette as a “real girl” having metalingual adventures. I wrote “Sorry No Obi” after listing a compact disc for sale on Discogs and realizing that descriptive phrase would make a good poem title.

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