Gonch poems and images in Utsanga


Utsanga is an online journal for experimental writing based in Italy. Randomly checking in on it today, I was pleased to discover that a selection of my Gonch work had been published in Issue 15 on March 27. As you can see from the contents page above, this includes three text poems, six images from the Gonchlog, and my statement about the work. The texts are “Ancollachan Nog Nallanach,” “Chocnahal Clacano,” and Gnaachnalahal gon Lagan.” You can read the text works here, view the Gonchlog images here, and read the statement here.


Here’s part of the statement I contributed to explain the Gonch project:

The text pieces are new work using a vocabulary limited to words invented from the nonsense phrase “All Gonch.” It’s an attempt to create a new language, imagining also the culture behind it through the shape and structure of the words, that might arise after the death of the current (American) culture and language.

The images are part of another phase of the Gonch project I call the Gonchlog. In this process, I search through consumer magazines and cut out the five letters of “gonch,” then glue them onto accounting paper. The source, its date of publication, and volume number are noted. The intention is to draw out that key nonsense word from these commercial propaganda vehicles in order to find a way forward.



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