New work in Otoliths #69: text, asemic vispo, asemic video

The penultimate issue of Otoliths was released over the weekend; this one is number 69 for Southern Autumn 2023. As usual, it ranges widely across a variety of literary and artistic genres and hybrids from a huge cast of international contributors. One can but go to the contents page and begin selecting works to view for an encyclopedic snapshot of the artistic “avant garde.”

I’m pleased to be represented in this issue with text, vispo and video works. The five text pieces include: “Is It Ever This,” “untitled [better the day of/tomorrow],” “In case of,” “issue tote,” and “Past Ratchet.” The vispo are still images pulled from a video I made a few weeks ago, called “Hieroglyphic Avalanche,” because that’s pretty much what you get: a moving script of asemic ideograms or hieroglyphs rushing by in relentlessly kaleidoscopic neon metamorphosis. There are 20 stills pulled to demonstrate some of the individual characters.

My goal with recent video work has been to create works with asemic images and soundtracks that use “asemic vocalizations.” I had wanted to do a long form piece, and at just over 17 minutes, “Hieroglyphic Avalanche” gets the job done on all counts. (I must apologize if YouTube includes advertisements before and during playback; that’s not by my choice, I don’t know why they are there, and I’m receiving no remuneration for these intrusions.)

You can check out my text pieces here. The vispo and video link can be found here.

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