Flashback: Washington City Paper cover story “Stranger Among Us”

That time my article “Stranger Among Us” was the cover story for Washington City Paper, September 28, 2001. The full article is archived online here.

The story followed local electrician Napoleon Epps, who started making Atlantean One Meditation Helmets after a life-threatening work accident. The helmet, as well as other apparatus in his home and yard, were meant to help him maintain contact with some alien masters who guided his spiritual development. His work touched on outsider art, pseudoscience, and new age spirituality–and I was all over it.

Looks like the City Paper has improved its online archive of late, and plenty more of my reviews and articles can be found on their site from this page. You can find articles on psychosexual graphics magazine Malefact, outsider filmmaker Rock Savage, avant garde vocal group Comma, perennial candidate for DC Mayor Faith Dane, and poet Buck Downs and his postcard poetry project, among other documentation of local fringe creatives.

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