Poems published in Otoliths & In Between Hangovers

Five of my poems made their initial public appearance today in two of my favorite journals.

Otoliths #44 published four poems: “Running Across Harappa,” “Your Ad Here,” “Barcode Traps,” and “Reaching for Mars with the Wrong End of the Stick.” You can read them here. Lots of great stuff in this issue, including some amazing visual poetry.

As a side note, an informative interview with Otoliths editor Mark Young has appeared on the Dictung Yammer blog. The discussion covers the history of the poetry journal, editing a journal, and Mark’s 50 year history as writer and editor of poetry.

I have several poems waiting in the cue at In Between Hangovers that will be released gradually. Today, “Tax Plan Sneer Job” made it into the “print” of the electronic blogosphere. You can read it here.

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